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How can you avoid the challenge of tenants with rent arrears in 2017?

It is going to be one of the biggest challenges that will face landlords in 2017: rental arrears.

Most UK landlords have had to deal with the non-payment or late payment of rent. And it looks like things are about to get worse.

Let’s explain why and then let’s show you how you can overcome this problem.


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All landlords want for Christmas is a void-free 2017!


Imagine your ideal Christmas present.

For many landlords it would probably be a property that always paid them rent, regardless of whether it had tenants in it or not.

Let’s face it, finding and keeping tenants is never easy. And it’s getting harder.

Due to the stamp duty hike threshold in March 2016, many landlords brought forward their

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Is the ban on letting agents’ fees bad news for landlords?


In his Autumn Statement Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced that letting agents’ fees can no longer be charged to tenants.

As it stands tenants can be charged fees for administrative work that includes taking up references and making credit or immigration checks.

The unspoken assumption that these fees should be passed on to landlords instead makes this another

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What will Brexit mean for landlords in the future?

In my last Brexit article I noted that the decision to leave the EU will immediately usher in a period of great uncertainty.

This represents a far from ideal situation for any investor – and this is particularly the case for landlords.

In this article I’d like to map out the areas that will be most critical

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What will Brexit immediately mean for landlords?


Breaking up is so hard to do

The UK vote to leave the European Union left many landlords, even those who had so confidently voted ‘Leave’, in shock.

Despite London, Scotland and Northern Ireland all voting to stay in the EU, the ‘Remain’ votes overall secured only 48% of British votes.

The ‘Leave’ votes had it with 52%.



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HMO’s: Why your rented property in Brighton may need a license soon

HMO license requirements are being extended

If you rent out a property in Brighton, there are changes afoot that could well affect you. Brighton & Hove City Council is proposing further licensing requirements for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) across the city.

What is HMO licensing?

Licensing is the need for landlords to register their properties with the

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Who will a Brighton rent cap fit?

Some surprising statistics about rent in Brighton

Did you know that over a quarter of all housing in Brighton is in the private rental sector? That’s almost double the national average.

Did you also know that Brighton is now chasing hot on the heels of London for the dubious accolade of the most expensive place to rent

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Why you must protect your tenant’s deposit?

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme may be old news…

It’s nothing new so there’s no excuse: Tenancy Deposit Schemes have been a legal requirement since the Housing Act of 2004, and only the most unobservant landlords can claim ignorance.

Yet it’s still easy to forget: you have 30 days to protect your tenant’s deposit in an approved scheme

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Looking for guaranteed student rent throughout the year?

Student landlords in Brighton can have a guaranteed rental income

The student market for rentals is incredibly strong in Brighton. So strong, in fact, that as the new term approaches I can guarantee your rental income.

That’s right: no void periods but continued guaranteed rent month in and month out.

Sounds good? Let me tell you how it

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What does the ‘right to rent’ mean for landlords?

What is a ‘right to rent’?

A new law affecting both tenants and landlords is already being trialled in the West Midlands, and it will roll out to the rest of the UK during 2015.

The Immigration Act requires landlords to check whether prospective tenants are living in the country legally. What’s more it threatens any landlords

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