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Rent Guarantee Scheme

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Why you must protect your tenant’s deposit?

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme may be old news…

It’s nothing new so there’s no excuse: Tenancy Deposit Schemes have been a legal requirement since the Housing Act of 2004, and only the most unobservant landlords can claim ignorance.

Yet it’s still easy to forget: you have 30 days to protect your tenant’s deposit in an approved scheme

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Looking for guaranteed student rent throughout the year?

Student landlords in Brighton can have a guaranteed rental income

The student market for rentals is incredibly strong in Brighton. So strong, in fact, that as the new term approaches I can guarantee your rental income.

That’s right: no void periods but continued guaranteed rent month in and month out.

Sounds good? Let me tell you how it

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What does the ‘right to rent’ mean for landlords?

What is a ‘right to rent’?

A new law affecting both tenants and landlords is already being trialled in the West Midlands, and it will roll out to the rest of the UK during 2015.

The Immigration Act requires landlords to check whether prospective tenants are living in the country legally. What’s more it threatens any landlords

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Can rent arrears ever be a thing of the past?

A landlord’s dream

In an ideal world everything would run just as it should.

Tenants wouldn’t struggle to meet the rent, landlords would be paid every month without fail, fish would leap out of the streams onto our plates and so on.

In the meantime we just have to deal with things as they are.

Back in the real
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How to raise the rent

Rent increases

According to the Office of National Statistics rents are rising everywhere across in the UK. But in the South East, as we all know, even more so.

Private rental prices across the UK grew by 1.7% during 2014. London rents rose the highest (at 2.4%) but those in the South East were not too far

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Revenge evictions and changes to the Section 21 notice

Managing properties is about to get tougher

Have you heard about the legal changes that will have a great impact on landlords? If you haven’t here’s a heads up and the lowdown.

On the 11th February the House of Lords passed amendments to the Deregulation Bill which were ratified on the 16th March.

The aim of the legislation

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What does Brighton’s housing crisis mean for landlords?

Brighton’s housing crisis

Brighton is an attractive place to live, but its population boom, high property prices and lack of space to build have created a housing crisis.

This classic case of demand outstripping supply could, on the face of it, be great news for landlords. Rents are certainly on the increase, but dig a little deeper

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EPCs are about to get a bit more bite

EPCs: changes are afoot

Changes are afoot and the relatively toothless EPC is about to get a bit more bite. Find out what this may mean for you if you are letting property in and around Brighton.

EPCs are part of the fixtures and fittings

EPCs are, by now, part of the letting fixtures and fittings: they have

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Why landlords need a lettings specialist

Jack of all trades or a lettings specialist?

You’ve heard about the Jack of all trades, haven’t you?

His reputation is well established. The phrase has been around since at least Elizabethan times, and the first reference to Shakespeare in print contemptuously referred to him as a ‘Johnny do-it-all’, which is to say a Jack of all

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