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Who is it for?

One of the most difficult aspects of renting a property for landlords can be to find a tenant in the first place. For landlords who feel comfortable and are able to look after their property and its tenancy once it is rented our find a tenant service is the ideal way to get the ball rolling and the rent coming in.

What does our find a tenant service offer landlords?

Of course it’s not just about finding a tenant. It’s all about finding the right tenant for your property. A happy tenant is a tenant who is happy to stay at your property, look after it and pay their rent regularly.

If you have in mind the type of tenant you would like to rent to we can help you find them, We have families, professionals, students and couples actively seeking rental properties in the Brighton area right now just waiting for the right place to move in to.

If you are not sure which type of tenant would suit, we can help here too. We only rent in and around Brighton so we would be more than happy to advise who it may be best to market to depending on the area, the property and your needs.

Let us help you get your rental off to a flying start: we’ll handle the advertising, take care of the viewings, carry out thorough reference checks, draw up the tenancy agreement, secure the deposit and take the first month’s rent in advance.

And then, with everything in place, you can enjoy the rental income.


Here’s what you get with our find a tenant service

  • Advice on market rental conditions and suitable rental rates
  • Local and national advertising for your rental property
  • Thorough tenant checks (including employment, references and credit checks) to ensure that only suitable tenants are proposed
  • Further checks on guarantors where necessary
  • Tenancy agreements drawn up and ready for your signature
  • Collection of deposit and a month’s rent in advance
  • Schedules of inventory and property inspections carried out prior to the start of the tenancy

Tenant Finding service charge to Landlord is 3 week’s  rent +Vat deducted from the first month rent

Call 01273 573960 to find your perfect tenant today, or register your interest here for more details.

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