Ever wished you never had to find a tenant again?

Rent Guarantee Scheme

Overseas landlords

This is our promise to overseas landlords.

We can offer you a fully comprehensive management service for your rental properties in Brighton. And much more than this: we can guarantee you rental income even when your property is between tenants.


Now that’s a weight off your mind isn’t it?


You can find out more about our Rent Guarantee Scheme here , or read on to find out how Khalil’s can be your perfect property partner.


Overseas landlords and rentals by the sea

The cosmopolitan coastal city of Brighton is an attractive place to own a rental property.

  • It is a short commute from London – think affluent commuters
  • It is one of the UK’s fastest growing tech hubs – think investment and continued growth
  • It has a disproportionately large number of students – think letting opportunities
  • It has an equally disproportionate number of international students – think affluent student letting opportunities
  • It attracts young families looking to escape the big smoke – think long-term house rentals

House prices may be high but the potential yields are higher still. We’ll say it again: Brighton is an attractive place, but it’s an even more attractive place to own a rental property.

Overseas landlords and Khalil’s

Khalil’s let and manage properties in and around Brighton.

We are your local letting specialists.


We work with a vast number of overseas landlords offering a full management service.

(And don’t forget we can even guarantee your rental income.)


  • We find your tenants and run exhaustive checks on them before we draw up a tenancy agreement
  • We collect and handle your deposits and rent
  • We manage the check in and check out process for you and handle all day to day maintenance issues or tenancy issues that arise in between
  • Your property will be inspected on a regular basis and we will proactively update you on its condition


We’re here to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.


And we’re always here to speak to you should you need us.

Contact us on 01273 573960 to find out how we can help.


Tax advice for non-resident landlords

It is our goal to make sure that managing your rental property in Brighton whilst living overseas has never been easier. This means not only taking rents but talking sense.


The first thing we need to talk to you about is the non-resident landlord scheme.


If you have rental property in the UK, but your usual home is outside the UK, under this scheme you must have basic rate tax deducted from your rental income before it is passed onto you.


The good news is that you can set this tax off against your own tax bill at the end of the year. Here are some examples of expenses which are potentially allowable:


  • Accountancy, legal and professional fees
  • Advertising costs
  • Cleaning and gardening
  • Costs of rent collection
  • Some periods of council tax and rates
  • Ground rent
  • Insurance for buildings and contents
  • Interest paid on loans to buy, build or improve property
  • Some maintenance charges
  • Service provision (e.g. gas, electricity, hot water) and water rates
  • Repairs

We will register you with the Inland Revenue’s non-resident landlord scheme and help you understand how you can use your expenses to maximise your yield from your property rental.


For more detailed information on the non-resident landlord scheme contact us today on 01273 573960.


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