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Pay attention now: the lesson is about to begin.

There are more students than ever before

  • Thanks to the government’s relentless drive to get more young people into higher education there has been a dramatic rise in the number of students in Britain
  • The figure has risen from 1.8 million in 1997 to as high as 2.5 million in recent years
  • And the trend is upwards further: “Record number of students applying to university” according to this Telegraph article from January 2015

Brighton is student central

According to a recent ‘City Snapshot’ published by Brighton & Hove council:

  • Our city has an unusual age distribution: we have fewer children and old residents, but a clear swell in the proportion of adults aged 20-44 years
  • There is a substantial student population in our city
  • Full time students aged over 16 years account for 14% of our population (32,920) compared to the English average of 8%
  • Our two universities have 34,678 students, with just over a fifth of these originating from outside of the UK

Khalil’s loves students and Brighton loves student lets

We love students and we actively market relevant rental properties to them. We love student landlords too because they help us feed the insatiable demand for student lets.

The fact is that the amount of purpose-built student accommodation has failed miserably to keep pace with the rise in student numbers. This leaves an inviting gap for private landlords to fill.

We invite you to help us fill it.


Want to learn what sets great student landlords apart?

Having worked with the student market for many years we understand it.

We can help you understand it too.


We know its favoured locations across Brighton. We know the types of properties that are preferred. We know the rental prices that can secure instant rents and we also understand the student markets that are looking to pay a little more for something special (like the large numbers of international students).


Most importantly we have a constant stream of student applicants searching for accommodation.

These could be your tenants tomorrow.


Here are the six secrets of student landlord success

  1. Set the tone. By providing a ‘house pack’ when your tenants check in you can help to set your expectations out clearly and give them a helping hand. Little touches like this go a long way to establishing a connection.Tell them when recycling is due, when rubbish is collected, where the tip is, show them the electricity and gas meters, water stop cocks, safety features like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Detail their responsibilities regarding noise, care of the property and payment of rent.
  1. Get a guarantor. Unless your tenant can provide references, such as employment, banking and previous landlords, ask for a guarantor.
  1. Rent the whole property. Make sure your agreement explicitly states that if one tenant leaves, it is up to those who remain to replace them (with someone to your satisfaction) or to cover the rent.
  2. Get them involved. Make sure you discuss the inventory with them. Walk them through it, literally, taking them round the house. Use a digital camera to record things. As you do this state clearly that they are responsible for leaving the property as they found it, or paying for repairs and redecoration.
  1. Check the bus routes and train stations. More and more students have cars but plenty still rely on trains and buses. Pick your property carefully and you are on for an easy ride.
  2. Hit the perfect pitch. The student market is surprisingly varied. Yet there is still a lot of demand for no-frills housing in sought after locations. Price your rental property correctly and it will do right by you.


Do the maths: student landlords in Brighton are in sum some demand.

Call Khalil’s on 01273 573960 to find out more.


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