Ever wished you never had to find a tenant again?

Rent Guarantee Scheme

Why landlords need a lettings specialist

Jack of all trades or a lettings specialist?

You’ve heard about the Jack of all trades, haven’t you?

His reputation is well established. The phrase has been around since at least Elizabethan times, and the first reference to Shakespeare in print contemptuously referred to him as a ‘Johnny do-it-all’, which is to say a Jack of all trades.

The phrase refers to someone who spreads himself woefully thinly. In trying to please everyone he ends up pleasing no-one.
He may be the Jack of all trades but he is the master of none.

Sales and lettings agents

It seems convenient, doesn’t it?

If you are investing in property you can have one point of call for your purchases and for your letting requirements. What could be easier than allowing those who are helping you complete your latest property investment deal to also find your first tenants and manage all the details for you?

There is always a price you pay for convenience, however.

By failing to look around landlords are at risk of missing out on higher levels of service, better terms for the services they do receive and the in-depth advice, knowledge and help that only a lettings specialist can possibly offer.

Khalil’s: the lettings specialists

At Khalil’s we have decided to focus on doing just one thing, and we always strive to be the very best at what we do.

We are the masters of one: and that one thing is lettings. It’s what we do, it’s what we always have done and it’s what we excel at.

We are dedicated to residential lettings and we are specialists in our field. Unlike your dual service agents we are not a department within a larger agency or a ‘bolt-on’ to other activities. Lettings is not just a small part of our day-to-day work: it is what we do and what we know inside out.

This specialisation, coupled with our extensive investment in dedicated systems and ongoing training, enables us to offer landlords an unrivalled degree of lettings expertise, knowledge and experience.

It allows us to offer you advice you can trust and services that can’t be beaten.

Talk to Khalil’s

When you talk to us about lettings you have our undivided attention. When we talk to you about the latest opportunities or requirements you can be sure you are getting the complete picture rather than the benefit of sketchy knowledge.

Let us show you what a difference a specialist can make.

Sales and letting agents may well appear to offer you a convenient service, but at what hidden costs?

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