Ever wished you never had to find a tenant again?

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Khalil’s: Brighton’s leading rental agency

Why do landlords and tenants in Brighton choose Khalil’s?

Simply because we are Brighton’s leading rental agency.

Renting houses and letting flats is what we do.
We’ve been doing it for many years and we intend to stick to what we excel at.

  • We don’t sell houses
  • We don’t lease commercial spaces
  • We’re not distracted by rental opportunities elsewhere

We’d much rather be a master of the Brighton letting trade than a jack-of-all.

  • We let property in and around Brighton
  • We offer landlords and tenants plenty of choices
  • And we never forget that service is the foundation on which our success is built


Here’s why you should choose Khalil’s

  • We pride ourselves in our customer service: That’s why so many tenants stay with us for so long. And it’s also why we have such long-standing relationships with our landlords
  • We advertise your properties extensively: Rental details are sent to our email list of waiting tenants, posted on our website, displayed in our office windows, placed in the local press and in local publications and listed on major rental property portals online
  • We aim to please: We check properties and tenants thoroughly to ensure everyone gets exactly what they expect


  • We have more than two decades of experience helping landlords and tenants in and around Brighton.
    We know the territory and the market and we love working here
  • We always share the value of our experience with you.
    We help landlords work their way through the letting labyrinth and tenants find their dream let.
  • All our staff members are highly trained, qualified rental experts.
    And we are always happy to pass the benefit of our knowledge on
  • All our practices are informed by and regulated by our membership of a professional body. So you can be sure we only follow the latest best practices



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Contact us on 01273 573960 to find out how reasonable our fees are and to discover what a friendly, helpful bunch we are.

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