Ever wished you never had to find a tenant again?

Rent Guarantee Scheme

All landlords want for Christmas is a void-free 2017!


Imagine your ideal Christmas present.

For many landlords it would probably be a property that always paid them rent, regardless of whether it had tenants in it or not.

Let’s face it, finding and keeping tenants is never easy. And it’s getting harder.

Due to the stamp duty hike threshold in March 2016, many landlords brought forward their plans to increase their portfolio to avoid the 3% surcharge. In Brighton we certainly saw an artificially increased supply of rental houses on the market and, whilst the market returns to its normal levels, we all expect to suffer void periods.

It can seem increasingly hard to find tenants for properties yet our mortgages and bills keep coming in even when the tenants don’t. New research suggests that this situation can hit new landlords particularly hard.

In a nationwide study of landlords across the country a leading building society discovered that more than one in five landlords have to wait longer than four months before signing up their first tenants.

The study documents that 21% of landlords said they had to wait four months or more after completing their buy-to-let mortgage before they were able to secure their first paying tenants.

Void periods like this can really put the pressure on your finances, particularly if you are a new landlord. The survey estimated that on average these costs may be as much as £2,000.

Is there a way you can avoid suffering void periods?

There certainly is, and it is available all year round, not just at Christmas.

Khalil’s Guaranteed Rent Scheme

This simple scheme takes the insecurity, void periods and the hassle out of renting, and it’s so easy to set up.

We lease your property for 3-5 years. And we start paying you rent immediately, regardless of whether your property has tenants or not.

What’s more we will continue paying your rent to you every single month – and that is guaranteed.

We take care of day to day maintenance and tenant relationships. In fact, all you need do is take care of the money that comes in each month. At the end of the lease we return your property to you in the same condition as we received it.

So, if you are dreaming of a void-free 2017 for Christmas why not give us a call.

We can help make your dreams come true.

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